Teach PA History
Bushy Run: A decisive battle of Pontiac's Rebellion
Assessment Strategies

Students will compare the two powerful leaders of this period – Bouquet and Pontiac–by using a Venn Diagram. The diagram should contain similarities as well as differences. When the diagram is completed, select one of the leaders and write about your life and the challenges that you faced in the year 1763 from your point of view. Scoring Rubric 4 – Similarities include leadership qualities, respect, wilderness skills, goals. Evidence of knowledge learned about these leaders is shown. Diagram has many items in each area. Point of view includes items from the diagram as well as information learned and is well written. 3 – Diagram has some items in each area with a minimum of 9 facts. Point of view contains correct information, but needs to be expanded. 2 – Diagram has a minimum of 6 comparisons. Point of view shows little knowledge about the person. 1 – Diagram contains fewer than 5 facts. Point of view is very sketchy with little or no facts.

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