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Bushy Run: A decisive battle of Pontiac's Rebellion

Session 6: Interviewing An Artifact 1. Ask students to define the meaning of "artifact." (A man made item representative of the culture at the time it was made.) 2. Show a Styrofoam cup to the class and ask what someone years from now could learn about our culture from observing the cup. (Cup has no fancy decorations. Sophisticated plastic technology. Insulates from heat without using a handle. We are a "throw-away" society. ) 3. Show the photo of the artifact, Source 4: Pack Horse Saddle, and tell students that this is a photo of an artifact that played an important part in Bouquet's strategy on his march to Fort Pitt. Pack horse saddle was used to haul the flour in bags from Fort Ligonier as well as other supplies when the wagons were left behind. 4. Distribute Worksheet 9: Interview an Artifact and lead students through the different steps in the observation of the artifact pictured through a class discussion. Students should observe the photo, interview the artifact and then discuss its use to Bouquet. Session 7: Let's Get to the Point! 1. The year is 1765. Teacher will ask the students to form a mental image o what the little community of Fort Pitt contained as the information is read from the information sheet, Community of Fort Pitt 1765. 2. Distribute the list of examples of what could be found in Baynton, Wharton, and Morgan's store in Pittsburgh in 1765. Divide the students into groups of 4, and ask each group to select and research 10 items from the list. Distribute Worksheet 6: Let's Go Shopping! Give students 20 minutes to list and research the items. Call on groups to share their 2 most interesting findings. 3. Discuss other unusual items from the list that were not mentioned by the group. If possible, show examples of these, such as broaches, funnels… Session 8: My Fort's Better Than Your Fort 1. Students may compare Fort Ligonier and Fort Pitt by using a Venn Diagram. Session 9: Where Did These Sayings Come From? Students may want to research the following sayings that had specific meaning to this time period. What does each mean today? * Lock, stock, and barrel * Flash in the pan * Don't go off half cocked * Mind your P's and Q's

Field Trips

Bushy Run Battlefield
Contact for school visits: David Miller

Fort Pitt Museum
101 Commonwealth Place
Point State Park
Pittsburgh, PA 15222

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