Teach PA History
George Washington and the Beginnings of the French and Indian War
Assessment Strategies

The scoring rubric is as follows: 5–One of the 3 groups – French, English, Native Americans – is selected. Three different paragraphs are used to present each of the points. The three facts are correct for the group that was selected. Two or more reasons are given to support or disapprove of this group gaining control. Reasons given display analytical thinking. Five or more ways are stated to describe how history would be changed and incorporate synthesis of knowledge and ideas. 4–All information is present, but supportive information is not clearly stated. Analysis and synthesis are incorporated. 3–Some information is not included as asked for. Analysis and synthesis are weak. 2–Less than half of the required information is present. Analysis and synthesis are present but do not incorporate information learned. 1–Less than half of the required information is present. No evidence of analysis or synthesis.

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