Coke Arch constructed by the H.C.Frick Coal Company, Connellsville, PA, 1906.

A huge coke arch stretches across the width of a street. On the top of the arch is a sign that reads: HCFC Co. People are standing under and to either side of the arch, as well as along the city street. Directly underneath the center of the arch, a young boy kneels with his arms around his dog's neck. Banners and flags hang from the buildings. To the right of the photograph are vendors and a large barrel that reads
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In 1906, the H. C. Frick Coke Company built this illuminated arch made entirely of coke, on Crawford Avenue in Connellsville. The Connellsville seam, the most important of western Pennsylvania's three bituminous coal beds, contained the best coal in the country for the making coke that fueled Pennsylvania's iron and steel industries.