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Fort Bedford Historical Marker
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Fort Bedford

Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies


Marker Location:
US 30 near site in Bedford

Dedication Date:
October 6, 1972

Behind the Marker

General Forbes's army built Fort Bedford in June 1758 as a supply post for his expedition to the Forks of the Ohio. The route of Forbes's army from Carlisle to Raystown (modern Bedford) was relatively easy, thanks to improvements that Pennsylvania militia officer markerJames Burd had made in 1755. West of Raystown, however, there were no provincial posts to house British troops and the markerRaystown Traders Path had not been widened for military use.

Fort Bedford became an important communications and supply link for Forbes's army as it moved deeper into the wilderness. Along with markerFort Ligonier and markerFort Pitt, it completed the east-to-west axis of the British army's fortification of western Pennsylvania. It was named for the Duke of Bedford, a member of the Crown's ministry during the Seven Years' War.

Traders, merchants, and farmers attracted to the area by the business and security offered by the fort formed the nucleus of the town of Bedford. During Pontiac's Rebellion, the fort was garrisoned by British regulars and local militia, but did not come under Indian attack.

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