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Forbes Road (Washington Camp) Historical Marker
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Forbes Road (Washington Camp)

Pittsburgh Region


Marker Location:
US 22, 1.2 miles East of Murrysville

Dedication Date:
July 13, 1960

Behind the Marker

Forbes's army featured a combination of British regulars and colonial troops. Two regiments from Virginia accompanied the expedition, one commanded by markerGeorge Washington, who had been promoted to colonel. Washington represented the wealthy planter class of Virginia, which coveted the Ohio Country, and he objected strenuously to Forbes's decision to cut his route through Pennsylvania rather than follow Braddock's Road from the Potomac.

The most hair-raising episode for Washington during the Forbes campaign occurred in November, when the army had established its last major post, markerFort Ligonier, only fifty miles away from markerFort Duquesne. As night fell on November 12, Washington led a
Most of Forbes' Road has been obliterated by modern development; however, this 1994 photograph shows one section that survived. Following the war years, thousands of settlers followed Forbes' road during their migration west.
Most of Forbes' Road has been obliterated by modern development; however, this...
detachment of his troops into the field to reinforce another Virginia detachment that had engaged the enemy. In the confusion of twilight, the Virginians began firing at each other, killing or wounding 40 of their own men. Washington restored order by riding his horse between them, shouting the command to cease fire.

French prisoners taken on November 12 reported to Forbes the weakness of the garrison at Fort Duquesne. This information prompted Forbes to push ahead with his plans to lay siege to the French fort, despite the lateness of the season.

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