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Forbes Road (Fort Juniata) Historical Marker
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Forbes Road (Fort Juniata)

Laurel Highlands/Southern Alleghenies


Marker Location:
US 30, 6.2 miles E of Everett

Dedication Date:
January 9, 1952

Behind the Marker

The Juniata River was the only major water crossing that Forbes faced in his 1758 expedition. It came between markerFort Lyttelton and markerFort Bedford, a segment of the markerForbes Road that featured some very difficult terrain, including Sideling Hill (elevation 2,000 feet). Engineers cut switchbacks, or zigzagging paths with sharp turns, into the sides of such hills to make them passable for wagons and artillery.

Forbes's army forded the Raystown branch of the Juniata River near modern East Providence Township in Bedford County. In June and July, Forbes built storehouses on each side of the river at this point and a stockade on the west side, which was known as Fort Juniata.
A diagram of the Juniata Crossing, created by Charles Stotz, shows the extensive effort that was put into clearing the area and building the stockade and fort.
A diagram of the Juniata Crossing, created by Charles Stotz, shows the extensive...

Like many of the smaller fortifications along Forbes's route, Fort Juniata served little use after the completion of his campaign. In 1763, it was reported to be in an advanced state of decay and was abandoned.

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