Midwife graduates of Cambria, Fayette, Westmoreland Counties, 1928.
flipFlip to Annie Toth, Midwife License, July 1, 1929
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Outdoor group image of graduates.

Credit: Courtesy of Coal and Coke Heritage Center, Penn State Fayette,

"My dad was a coal miner, my mother delivered babies. My mother's mother trained her to be a midwife because my grandmother was a midwife in Marguerite. She followed in her mother's footsteps. They didn't go to school or anything. When we moved to Fayette County, they had to get a license in Pittsburgh, [to practice]. She just went on her own-it cost a dollar for the registration fee. She got her [midwife] license in 1929, but she had practiced all those years without one. In 1950, we had a storm that we was all snowed in and she got a call. The family called Dr. Sangston, and he said there was no way that he could come to Footedale. So they called my mother, and the men came out and dug a path for her to go up there and deliver that baby." Ann Toth Vargo

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