William Sellers (1824-1905), circa 1884.
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Image of William Sellers.

Credit: From Scharf, Thomas J., and Thompson Westcott, History of Philadelphia. 1609-1884. Phil. L.H. Everts and Co., 1884.

A prolific inventor of improvements on iron working tools and machinery, William Sellers organized the Edge Moor Iron Company in 1868, which produced structural steel and iron-work for the Centennial Exposition and the Brooklyn Bridge. In 1873 he reorganized the William Butcher Steel Works in Nicetown into the Midvale Steel Company, which soon became one of the nation's leading producers of heavy steel forgings, ordnance and armor plate. While president of Philadelphia's Franklin institute, Sellers proposed the first formula for a system of screws, threads, and nuts, which subsequently became the standard for the United States.

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