John Ettwein, by John Valentine Haidt, 1754.
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Oil on canvas of <i>John Ettwein,</i> 1754, by John Valentine Haidt

Credit: Moravian Historical Society, Nazareth, Pa

Fellow Moravian John Valentine Haidt painted this portrait of John Ettwein in 1754, around the time of Ettwein's immigration from England to Pennsylvania. During the American Revolution, Ettwein was the Moravian's chief spokesman to the Continental Congress. In response to his plea, Congress voted that 10,000 acres on the Muskingum River in the present state of Ohio "be set apart and the property thereof be vested in the Moravian Brethren . . . or a society of the said Brethren for civilizing the Indians and promoting Christianity." The grant was part of a larger movement to relocate Native Pennsylvanians outside of the state.

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