The Indians giving a Talk to Colonel Bouquet, by Benjamin West, 1766.
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This image depicts a treaty council between Indians and Europeans on the Pennsylvania frontier.  An Indian orator speaks over the council fire while using a wampum belt to make his point.  One of his compatriots smokes from a pipe tomahawk.  British officers listen with rapt attention (one places his hand over his heart), while a secretary records the proceedings.

Credit: Library of Congress

In this 1766 engraving, Benjamin West depicted the October 1764 meeting between British representatives led by Colonel Bouquet and a delegation of Shawnee, Delaware, and Ohio Indians. At a council fire, near Bouquet's camp on the Banks of Muskingum the two sides negotiated the return of English hostages taken on the Virginia and Pennsylvania frontier. At the conclusion of the council, the Indians handed over 206 captives, who, like Simon Girty, had been adopted and raised by Indian families. Preferring their Indian lives, some of the former hostages escaped from Fort Pitt and returned to their Indian families.

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