Ulric Dahlgren
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Photograph of Ulric Dahlgren in uniform.

Credit: Image donated by Corbis-Bettmann

Born in the rolling hills northwest of Philadelphia in 1842, Ulric Dahlgren led a life notable both for its brevity and raw bravery. The son of Abe Lincoln's warm friend, Rear Admiral John Dahlgren, young Ulric showed audacity in every battle situation, proposing and leading numerous raids. In spite of losing his foot during the Gettysburg campaign, Dahlgren volunteered to lead a wing in Judson "Kill-Cavalry" Kilpatrick's ill-conceived raid on Richmond in 1864 to liberate Union prisoners. Before he went, Dahlgren wrote,"…there is a grand raid to be made, and I am to have a very important command. If successful, it will be the grandest thing on record; and if it fails, many of us ‘will go up."…If we do not return, there is no better place to ‘give up the ghost."" He would not come back.

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