The Confrontation, Enoch Roberts' Tavern in Quakertown, March 6, 1799, by James R. Mann, 1980.
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The acrylic on canvas painting, dramatizes the events of March 6, 1799. The tax resistors had marched from Milford to Quakertown where they confronted the tax assessors. Assessor Everard Foulke is being pulled from his horse by Daniel Fries, John Getman and George Mumbauer while the tax protesters jeer. William Thomas, Jacob and John Hoover are depicted in front of the tavern; Frederick Heaney, John Fries, Capt. Kouder and Conrad Marks stand on the tavern's porch. Assessor Chephas Childs attempts an escape.

Credit: Courtesy of Doug and Dee Hutchinson, owners of this painting and the artist, James R. Mann,

Pennsylvania witnessed its second tax revolt of the decade when inhabitants of Berks and Northampton counties held three tax assessors captive after a confrontation at Enoch's Tavern in Quakertown in March, 1799.

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