The Main Street of Economy, PA, circa 1890, and photograph of John S. Duss (inset).
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An 1890 view of Economy, during its declining years. By this time the few remaining members were guided by John S. Duss (inset).

Credit: (Both) Old Economy Village

In early 1804 more than 500 Lutheran separatists led by Johann George Rapp moved from Wurttemberg, Germany to 5,000 acres of uncleared land on the Connoquenessing River north of Pittsburgh. In 1824 the Harmonists started a new town, Economy, that became one of the most prosperous and long-lived of Pennsylvania's intentional religious communities. When this photo was taken in 1890 few of its celibate members still survived. In the insert is John S. Duss, who managed the community's financial affairs in its final years.

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