The Grand Old Man of Baseball.
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Black and white baseball card of Connie Mack sporting a Little League cap.

Credit: Courtesy of the Carl E. Stotz Archives

The Grand Old Man of Baseball. Schenectady, N.Y. rides high and handsomely in 1954, as the new world champions of all the 3,500 Little Leagues, an honor it missed last year even while it stood at the very portals of titledom. Schenectady defeated Colton, Cal. 7 to 5. Connie Mack, The Grand Old Man of Baseball, attended his final Little League World Series in 1954. Mack was no stranger to Williamsport. As manager, and part owner of the Philadelphia Athletics for 50 years, he placed a farm team in Williamsport many seasons. 1954 was the 8th anniversary of the Little League World Series. Connie Mack stated in My 66 Years in the Big Leagues, "As baseball years are counted by seasons …anniversaries all come at the close of the season …"

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