1952 Little League World Series Becomes International.
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Black and white baseball card of the Pennsylvania Championship team from Monongahela and Branch Rickey in the dugout.

Credit: Courtesy of the Carl E. Stotz Archives

1952 Little League World Series Becomes International. The 1952 Little League World Series saw the Pa. Championship team from Monongahela go down in defeat to Norwalk, Conn., 3-4. The 1952 classic had real international appeal with the first non-USA team appearing in the series hailing from Montreal, Canada. This sixth annual event brought o the series many persons well known nationally, among them Connie Mack, of the Philadelphia Athletics, Cy Young, the winningest pitcher in baseball history, and Branch Rickey, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates. Branch Rickey is credited with starting the baseball farm system and hiring Jackie Robinson who broke the color barrier in baseball when he started as the Dodgers" first baseman in 1947. The Maynard Midgets, Little Leagues" first World Series champions in 1947, was also an integrated team. At the 1952 Little League World Series, Branch Rickey visited with the Pa. team in the visitor's dugout prior to the championship game at the Original Little League field.

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