Das Ewige Leben und die Ewige Verdammnis, Eternal Life and Eternal Damnation, Lancaster, PA, circa 1820,
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A colorful Fraktur depicting Christians ascending a steep path to a New Jerusalem that resembles a medieval German city.  Some souls almost reached the throne of God (in the center), but wavered at the end. Their fate is the hellfire where soldiers, musicians, a Jewish peddler, and other sinners are marching to meet the devil after passing "die Babylonische Hure"[FIX ME ’–"“”]the whore of Babylon–who is holding the Pope's crown.

Credit: Ammon Stapleton Collection, Rare Books and Manuscripts, Special Collections Department of the Paterno Library: Penn State University, University Park

This hand-colored Pennsylvania German Fraktur from Lancaster–its English translation is "Eternal Life and Eternal Damnation"–offered pious admonition to the faithful.

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