Conway Yard, Electronics in Railroading
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Conway Yard, Electronics in Railroading, 
by Grif Teller
This painting illustrates only half of the yard, which consisted of 197 tracks. Tracks are filled with cars, a water tower, as well as the town, are visible to the far left of the painting.

Credit: Courtesy of the American Premier Underwriters, Inc

When rebuilt in the 1950s the Conway Yard, 20 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, replaced Harrisburg's Enola yards as the Pennsy's largest freight-classification facility. Used for sorting loaded freight cars into trains, the automated Conway Yard could classify 9,000 cars a day. This 1958 painting by Grif Teller shows only 54 of the facility's 197 tracks. The painting does not include the nearby Jones and Laughlin Steel mill, which Teller eliminated so as not to offend the PRR steel shippers who were J & L competitors.

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