"The German Bleeds and bears ye fur, 1764." Inset: A Narrative of the Late Massacres in Lancaster County . . .  Benjamin Franklin, 1764.
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This cartoon, circulated after the 1763 Conestoga massacre, criticizes the Quakers for their support of Native Americans at the expense of German and Scots-Irish backcountry settlers. Here, a "broad brim'd" Quaker and Native American each ride as a burden on the backs of "Hibernians."

In the 1760s backcountry Pennsylvanians were convinced that the colony's Quaker leaders were protecting Indians who burned homes and killed frontier families. Their resentment erupted into violence when the Paxton Boys massacred Christian Indians at Conestoga Indian Town and then marched on Philadelphia. In this, one of Pennsylvania's first political cartoons, an Indian and Quaker ride on the backs of German and Irish settlers as a home burns in the background and a woman and children lay dead at their feet.

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