"The German Bleeds and bears ye fur, 1764." Inset: A Narrative of the Late Massacres in Lancaster County . . .  Benjamin Franklin, 1764.
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This cartoon, circulated after the 1763 Conestoga massacre, criticizes the Quakers for their support of Native Americans at the expense of German and Scots-Irish back country settlers. Here, a "broad brim'd" Quaker and Native American each ride as a burden on the backs of "Hibernians."

The Paxton Boys Massacre sparked a pamphlet war in Pennsylvania between those who opposed and supported their actions. Benjamin Franklin wrote and published an anti-Paxton Boys tract [inset in upper-left hand corner] in 1764. In this political cartoon, one of Pennsylvania's first, an Indian and Quaker ride on the backs of German and Irish settlers as a home burns in the background and a woman and children lay dead at their feet.

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