Curtis Institute of Music, Philadelphia, PA, mid 1920s.
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Curtis Institute buildings, mid 1920s, at the time that Mrs. Bok purchased them. Image has been retouched to show grass in empty lot across the street.

Credit: Courtesy of the Curtis Institute of Music

The Curtis Institute of Music opened on October 13, 1924. It fulfilled the fondest dream of Mary Louise Curtis Bok, the only child of  Louisa Knapp and Cyrus H. K. Curtis, who's Curtis Publishing Company produced two of the most popular magazines in America - The Saturday Evening Post and The Ladies' Home Journal. Curtis's rare tuition-free policy was established in 1928 and to this day provides merit-based full-tuition scholarships for all Curtis students, undergraduate and graduate alike. Students continue to be accepted for study at Curtis solely on the basis of their artistic talent and promise. Since its founding in 1924, the Curtis Institute of Music has been considered one of the world's leading classical music conservatories.

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