Vance Packard (sitting) at book signing for The Hidden Persuaders, State College, PA, April 19, 1958.
flipFlip to “The Ayer Idea In Advertising,” N. W. Ayers & Son, Philadelphia, 1912.
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Vance Packard: The signing photo is dated April 19, 1958, taken at the Pennsylvania Book Shop, 129 East Beaver Avenue. The man who is standing on the left of Packard is Sam Murray, the publisher's rep from Anchor Books

Credit: Pennsylvania State University Archives

Born and raised in Centre County, where he also graduated from Penn State University, journalist Vance Packard in 1957 published The Hidden Persuaders, a blockbuster exposé of the American advertising industry’s use of psychological science and subliminals to manipulate consumer desire for products. Over the next thirty years, Packard published a succession of popular books that examined modern American society and culture.

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