John Brophy speaking at a labor Chautauqua, Six Mile Run, PA, in the summer of 1924.
flipFlip to Reverend Russell Conwell, the founder of Temple University, circa 1922.
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Photograph of John Brophy, arm raised in the air and his fist clenched, speaking at an outdoor gathering.

Credit: Courtesy of The Catholic University of America, Department of Archives, Manuscripts, and Museum Collections,

In 1922 John Brophy had District 2 of the UMWA create a fund to support worker education. After running popular classes through District 2"s educational department, Brophy then initiated labor Chautauquas, which staged week-long programs of entertainment, lectures, and discussion of public issues, in larger mining towns. The programs helped build worker morale and improve their understanding of the problems they were all facing.

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