Allegheny Observatory luminaries, photographed on the observatory's steps, Pittsburgh, PA, circa 1915.
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On the Steps of the Allegheny Observatory: John Stanley Plaskett (Back left), William Snyder Eichelberger, Frank C. Jordan, Frank Schlesinger, Edward C. Pickering (Standing in the Center), John A. Brashear (to the Right of Pickering), William Thaw (Seated Left of Pickering) and Daniels.

Credit: Allegheny Observatory, Archives Service Center, University of Pittsburgh

Founded for both private entertainment and public education, the Allegheny Observatory soon became a leading center of astronomical research. The men in this photo, taken on the steps of the observatory around 1915, include Harvard astronomer Edward C. Pickering (standing in the center), telescope maker John A. Brashear (to the right of Pickering), and observatory benefactor William Thaw (seated to Pickering's left)

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