An engraving of the Turk from Joseph Friedrich Freiherr von Racknitz's Über den Schachspieler des Herrn von Kempelen und dessen Nachbildung , 1789.
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The Automaton Chess-Player, the Turk, and the human being inside.

Credit: From Karl Gottlieb von Windisch, Briefe über den Schachspieler des Hrn. von Kempelen, nebst drei Kupferstichen die diese berühmte Maschine vorstellen. 1783.

After attending a series of performances of Turk in London, Karl Gottlieb von Windisch in 1784, published a series of letters in which he attempted to explain the secret of the mysterious machine. A second attempted expose of the Turk was written by Joseph Friedrich Freiherr von Racknitz (1744 - 1818) which included this speculative image of the working parts. Racknitz was wrong about both the position of the director and the dimensions of the automaton.

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