The University of Pennsylvania's 1600 meter relay team, at the 1908 London Olympics.
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Penn gold medalists Nathaniel J. Cartmell, W'08 (#21) and John B. Taylor, V'08 (#23) posed with fellow members of the winning 1600 meter relay team, Philadelphian Melvin Sheppard (#24) and William F. Hamilton (#25)

Credit: Courtesy of the University Archives and Records Center, University of Pennsylvania

When Penn's 1600 meter relay won a gold medal at the 1908 London Olympics, Philadelphian John Baxter Taylor Jr., (#23), became the first African-American to win gold at an Olympic games. The holder of world records at 440 and 660 yards, Taylor died of typhoid pneumonia on December 2, 1908, only five months after winning his gold medal. Other members of the 1600 meter team, from left to right, were Nathaniel J. Cartmell, (#21) Melvin Sheppard (#24), and William F. Hamilton (#25).

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