The Penn State Nittany Lions Football Team, 1894.
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Top Row: Mac Curtin, Bill Stuart, Charles Thomas, E.V. Rawn, Butch Cromish, A.F. Dole. 2nd Row: George Spencer[Manager], J.M. McKibbin, J.G. Dunmore, G. W. Hoskins [Trainer], B.F. Fisher [Captain], J.A. Dunsmore, Charlie Atherton, Fred Robinson. Bottom Row: I.K. Dixon, C.E.Scott, C.M. Thompson, H.M. Suter, J.L. Harris, W. McCashey

Credit: Courtesy of The Pennsylvania State University

In the 1890s the popularity of collegiate football spread across the Commonwealth, leading to new teams, longer seasons, and a movement to standardize rules and eligibility. The Penn State Littany Lions played their first intercollegiate football games in 1887. In 1894 they went 6-0-1.

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