Flyer for a horse race and foot race at Hamburg Park, July 26, 1859.
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HAMBURG PARK {illustration}Tuesday, July 26th, 1859, AT 4 O'CLOCK, 
TRIAL OF SPEED Mile Heats, best Three in Five, to Saddle. Mr. Wm. Woodruff enters br. m. Sally Lewis., Mr. H. Randal enters b. g. Reed Bird.
Exciting Match Time. Mr. Alexandrew, of New York, bets Mr. E. Smith, of Philadelphia, that he can produce a man to walk three miles in Twenty-Four Minutes, fair heel and toe, for $200 a side. Omnibuses will leave the Exchange and Tenth St. and Passyunk Road at 3½, for the Park. Will positively come off, rain or shine.
U. S. Steam-Power Job Printing Office, Ledger Buildings, Philada.

Credit: Library of Congress

Athletic contests and gambling have been tied together since the dawn of time. This flyer for an 1859 horse race also entices spectators to see if a man can walk three miles in 24 minutes. Mr. Alexandrew bet with Mr. Smith that he could produce such a man, and each side put up $200, no doubt with the expectation that paying spectators would enrich both of their pockets.

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