Federal Art Project poster on Pennsylvania German crafts created by Katharine Milhous, circa 1938.
flipFlip to Recreational music class, Harrisburg Central High School, Harrisburg, PA, May 14, 1935.
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Milhous illustrates plates, jugs, and a candle stick from Pennsylvania Dutch. Text reads: "Colonial Pennsylvania Exists To-Day in Many Churches, Costumes, Crafts, of the German Sectarians/Rural Pennsylvania"

Credit: Courtesy Library of Congress

During the 1930s, thousands of artists employed by the WPA's Federal Art Project (FAP) created several hundred thousand pieces of publicly-funded art, including thousands of murals in public buildings all across the country, and posters on labor, education, travel, and a host of other subjects. Working for the FAP, Philadelphian Katharine Milhous produced a series of posters on rural Pennsylvania, including this one on Pennsylvania German crafts. Milhous would go on to become an award-winning writer and illustrator of children's books, including Lovina: A story of the Pennsylvania Country, and Snow Over Bethlehem.

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