A Mack Brothers Motor Car Company 5-ton truck, Allentown, PA, 1905.
flipFlip to An AB Mack Truck used by the Hutchison Baking Company of Philadelphia, PA, circa 1918.
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A man sits in the driver seat of a truck that is parked in front of Marvel Flour store. His truck is filled with sacks of flour. A dapperly dressed man stands at the corner of the street leaning against a tree.

Credit: Courtesy of The Mack Trucks Historical Museum.

One of Pennsylvania's most successful manufacturers of gasoline-powered vehicles was Mack Trucks of Allentown. In 1905 the Mack Brothers began production of their first truck, a 5-ton capacity, seat-over-engine open vehicle. Mack-built trucks soon became noted for their exceptional performance and durability.

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