Children striking against sweatshops in Northampton, PA, prepare to meet with Governor Gifford Pinchot, April 19, 1933.
flipFlip to Strike Sympathizers tie up traffic outside the Apex Hosiery Company Plant by pulling down trolley polls, Philadelphia, PA, May 1937.
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Photograph of a boy and a girl holding strike against sweat shop signs.

Credit: Image Donated by Corbis-Bettmann

On April 19, 1933, a delegation of the nearly 400 "Baby strikers," ranging from 14 to 16 years, called on Governor Gifford Pinchot in Harrisburg and told him they were receiving wages as low as five cents a week. Shown here are Frank Selthofer, 14, a trimmer in a Northampton shirt factory who was earning about 87 cents a week, and Anna Miletics, 15, who packed shirts in boxes for 9 cents an hour. Her earnings for eight days were $3.50, less a 10 percent cut and two cents deducted from her earnings to pay the "check tax."

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