Governor George H. Earle meets with striking anthracite coal miners near Coaldale, PA, October 11, 1937.
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Pennsylvania-Governor George H. Earle of Pennsylvania, circular light on his cap, is pictured with the 38 "stay-down" miners who have self-imprisoned themselves 1300 feet underground in the Number 8 mine of the Lehigh Navigation Coal Company.

Credit: Image donated by Corbis - Bettmann

In 1936, George Earle became the first Democrat elected governor of Pennsylvania since 1891. In office, Earle and a new Democratic majority in the state legislature pushed through a wave of progressive legislation quickly dubbed Pennsylvania's "Little New Deal." In November 1937, Earle traveled to Coaldale to meet with miners conducting a sit down strike 1,300 feet underground in the Number 8 mine. There, the governor conducted a mine inspection and asked the miners to select a representative for an upcoming conference in Harrisburg.

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