An appeal to bituminous coal miners issued by UMWA District No. 2, Clearfield, PA. 1922.
flipFlip to UMWA Strike Meeting, Bantley Place, Scalp Level, PA, September, 1922.
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Rise. Strike. Drop your tools. Leave the Mine. Don't scab on Men Who are fighting your fights.

Credit: Special Collections and Archives, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

At the beginning of the national coal strike of 1922, John Brophy had District 2 of the UMWA print up 20,000 throwaway cards calling for non-union miners to go out on strike. Within a week, 75,000 Pennsylvania miners were out on strike, 22,000 of them in the bituminous coal mines of Somerset, Indiana, and Cambria Counties. All of Pennsylvania's coal mines were shut down tight for the first time in state history.

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