Car Shop Crew - Vesta Mines, ca. 1909
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"This group picture was taken on the Vesta #4 Tipple. Left to right: 1) George Gibson, 2) Walter Qualk, 3) Batista Verino, 4) William Moyer, 5) Samuel B. Paxton, 6) James Darrock (boy in front), 7) William Penrod, 8) Wilbur Thompson, 9) W. D. Foster (back), 10) John C. Rohrer (front), 11) William Patterson and 12) R. J. Gregg."

Credit: Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation, Historical Society of Western Pennsylvania

Repairing coal cars was an important element of any coal mining operation. These workers labored at the Vesta No. 4 Mine in Richeyville, Washington County, mining Pittsburgh-seam coal. The Jones and Laughlin Steel Corporation owned this and other Pittsburgh-seam mines to supply coal and coke to its steel mills. This mine was also one of the largest bituminous mines in Pennsylvania.

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