Strike call to non-union mine workers urging them help the strikers and not scab for the company.
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Strike Call to Non-Union Men. 
Issued by District two, United Mine Workers
John Brophy, President; James Mark, Vice President; Richard Gilbert, Secretary Treasurer, Clearfield, Pennsylvania.  Rise. Strike. Drop your tools. Leave the Mine. Don't scab on Men Who are fighting your fights.

Credit: Special Collections and Archives, Indiana University of Pennsylvania

"We were in danger always. It was nothing, nothing, the lights would be on, and someone would pass, throw bricks through the window, shoot through the window; doors were full of holes. And the last time, they wanted my husband to quit [organizing]; he seemed to be a leader, you know, of the whole thing. They thought they could calm everything down if he wasn't there. You couldn't talk to him [though]. He was for the union. I can remember all the time saying, ‘Well gee whiz, why don't we get out of here? Why wouldn't we move out of here for peace? Why should we stay here and get killed?" Oh man he used to give me a pep talk. You know, there I was ready [again] to go fight with him! So then finally they won. He had a rough time, of course, and he was on the blacklist, and he didn't have a job for I don't know how many years until this fellow got him on. Then he didn't work long enough; I needed two more weeks before I could draw Social Security. They never gave it to us though; we never got it." Reconstructed and adapted from an oral history of Mary Mae Lulich

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