An explosion at Cambria's Rolling Mill Mine claimed the lives of 112 miners, July 10, 1902.
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Image of miners and an ambulance the left of the photograph near the mine exit.

Credit: Courtesy of the Johnstown Area Heritage Association,

"I was just [sure] … I would never marry a coal miner, cause my daddy was hurt, and he died from the injury. And when I was twenty-five years old, and I had two brothers, and they says they would never go in the mine. They had an explosion in it; that's when my brother was killed. [My one uncle] was in for awhile, and he quit. [My other uncle] was in for awhile [also] and he quit. And I married a coal miner. I got several scares; one was they come and told me he was hurt, a fall come in on him. I got scared. Then he come home. Doctor brought him one time, when he cut his legged, chopped his leg … " Adapted and reconstructed from an oral history of Anna Billek

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