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The History of Standard Oil Company

Digital text of Ida Tarbell's History of the Standard Oil Company.

An Index to Early petroleum History Sites

This site offers a good starting point to exploring oil history on the web.

Drake Well Museum: Birthplace of the Oil Industry-1859, Titusville, Pa

Drake Well Museum collects, preserves, and interprets the founding of the oil industry in Pennsylvania for residents and visitors by educating its audiences about the persons, places, and events important to the development of the petroleum industry and its growth into a global enterprise.

Historic Pittsburgh: Sketches in Crude Oil. Some Accidents and Incidents of the Petroleum Development in all Parts of the Globe

Digital version of well-known text from 1896. Lots of great lithographs of the era. Sketches in Crude Oil by John McLaurin introduced many Americans to oil and the Pennsylvania oil regions.

Ida M. Tarbell, Allegheny College

Excellent links regarding Ida Tarbell.

Oil History

PBS series on the Rockefeller Family

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