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Alberts, Robert C. The Good Provider: H. J. Heinz and His 57 Varieties. New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1973.

Life story of John Henry Heinz, 1844-1919, including numerous illustrations and a four page bibliography.

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A brief overview of the factors that shaped Pennsylvania industry and discussion of specific industries.

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This first full biography of the town and its founder includes extensive insights into the labor life of this company town.

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Recent biography of Wanamaker.

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Story of Dravo Engineering firm.

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History of labor in the tanning industry.

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A concise account of Charles Martin Hall and the development of aluminum.

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Biography of the department store mogul.

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History of pioneer papermaking establishment

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A history of shipbuilding in Philadelphia

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Discusses development of steamboats in Western Pennsylvania

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History of waterpowered mills

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Story of how Pittsburgh became the center of American glassmaking.

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A recent account of the battle of the currents.

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Story of the legendary firearm of the American frontier

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Story of John Walson and Service Electric Cable Television.

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Illustrated history of Pennsylvania business including industry.

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History of a pioneer Pennsylvania lager beer manufacturer.

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Includes material on Henry Stiegel glass.

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Decline of the Philadelphia textile industry.

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An important study of women and men in the textile factories in and around Philadelphia in the first years after the American Revolution. This book provides valuable insights into the transformation of shop workers into factory workers, women’s entry into factory production, and the growing scale of manufacturing.

Smith, George David. From Monopoly to Competition: The Transformation of Alcoa, 1888-1926. New York: Cambridge University Press, 1988.

Business history of Aluminum Company of America.

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A history of the silk industry and its women workers in northeastern Pennsylvania.

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Article on lumber industry in Pennsylvania.

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An encyclopedic history of Pennsylvania industries and companies.

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Article on lumber industry in Pennsylvania.

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History of women's garment industry union.

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Includes two chapters on the zinc industry.

Web Guide

"Henry J. Heinz is Victim of Pneumonia," (1919), Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh Inventors: Biography on Oliver Evans

American Viscose Corporation in Old Chester in Delaware County

Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles

Broadband Cable Association of Pennsylvania: History of Cable Television

Broadband Cable Association of America page including Walson as cable innovator, other details about early cable.

Conestoga Area Historical Society: The Conestoga Wagon

Conestoga Area Historical Society page with additional details.

Coplay Cement Company Kilns

National Register of Historic Places Travel Itinerary Company History of PPG Industries, Inc

Georgia Tech: Papermaking Moves to the United States

Hershey, Milton Snavely; 1857-1945

Historical Manheim Preservation Foundation, Inc.: Museum

History of Chocolate Workers Local 464-B.C.T.G.M Union

Chocolate workers site–has brief information on history of current union.

Master Brewers Association of the Americas, "Philadelphia History."

Includes a history of America's first lager, Schmidt's beer, and more.

Notes on Gristmills and Milling in Pennsylvania

PA Brewery Historians:"News: First Lager Beer in America"

Pennsylvania Rural Electric Association: About PREA

Pennsylvania: Historical Works - Geology of Lehigh and Northampton Counties

Digitized book that discusses Lehigh Valley cement industry on pages 374-91, zinc industry on pages 326-353 and the slate industry on pages 401-15.

The Burpee Company, "The Legacy of Atlee Burpee"

The Conestoga Area Historical Society: The Conestoga Wagon

This site offers an early history of the Conestoga Wagon, black and white photograph of the wagon, and good description of materials used for building and driving the wagon.

The Manheim Historical Society: Historical Manheim

Woolworths Museum, "Fred Morgan Kirby: Philanthropist and Five and Ten Pioneer."

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