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Master's Thesis

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Web Guide

American Memory, "American Variety Stage: Vaudeville and Popular Entertainment, 1870-1920."

Vaudeville may have disappeared as a popular venue long ago, but it remains alive, through the Library of Congress's holdings, on this site filled with playbills, programs, sound recordings, film clips, scripts, photographs and memorabilia from a once vibrant art.

American Theater History

A collection of books and articles on American theater history selected by Questia librarians, which includes a great deal of material on the history of theater in Pennsylvania

Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia

This website on the history of radio and television broadcasting in Philadelphia includes video and audio clips from early radio and television broadcasts, photographs, biographies, and articles.

Circus Historical Society, "Circus History Library."

Broad range of materials on the history of the circus in America, including biographies, bibliographies, newspaper excerpts, and old journals.


A full-service tribute to the art of silent films, this site features a sweeping timeline, biographies of cinema's pioneers, and easy-to-understand guides to the movies" many early technologies.

Internet Broadway Database

This invaluable resource for looking up all things Broadway provides an easy search system for a wide range of information about virtually every performer, playwright, composer and play to ever light the Great White Way.

James A. Michener Art Museum,

The home page of the James A. Michener Art Museum in New Hope offers marvelously comprehensive links to the many writers, artists and performers who called Bucks County home.

PBS, "Broadway the American Musical"

This PBS website has a broad range of materials, including histories of hit shows, a guide for teachers, and biographies of Pennsylvanians Gene Kelly, Ethel Waters, and others.

Songwriters Hall of Fame

Includes biographies, discographies, photographs, and related materials of early American, Tin Pan Alley, and rock & roll songwriters, plus Pennsylvanians such as Stephen Foster, James Bland, Joe Burke, Jay Livingston, Jim Croce, and others.

The Internet Movie Database

The largest movie database on the web, this comprehensive site offers performers" complete film and TV credits; writer, producer, and director filmographies; and extensive cast and crew lists for virtually every movie ever made. The site includes hundreds of Pennsylvania actors, directors, producers, writers and other people associated with the American motion picture industry.

The Old Corral, "Tom Mix"

An illustrated biography of Tom Mix on a website devoted to the history of B-Movie Westerner.

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