Strasburg Shop Tour
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Tour of the Strasburg Railroad shop.

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"Hi, my name is Tim Biebl and I'm an employee of the Strasburg Railroad and I'm going to be taking you on a tour of our shops today."

"This locomotive came here in 1960. It was the first locomotive to bring steam back to the Strasburg Railroad."

"If something was to fail on the regular train with the locomotive, we could get this one fired up pretty quickly and could go out and pull the train and take over."

"This piece, this is called a wheel lathe. This is used to turn tires on a locomotive. A lot of people don't realize that locomotives have tires. And, when they get out of shape we can put them on this wheel lathe and we can turn them on this. And it will cut the metal down on the tire and reshape it back to the specs that it should be."

"All right, we're going to go outside now and I'm going to show you some of our equipment out here."

"Down behind the turntable is what looks like a flatcar is actually our next coach to come in to be restored. We plywood them completely over and try to keep them from decaying any further until we can get to them."

"This is the car shop. This is where we do restoration work on our coaches and our rolling stock. Everything here is painted by hand. In 1915 paint had brushstroke marks in it so ours has to also."

"Now when they were building coaches, they pretty much used soft woods for the coach. But when we rebuild them we use almost primarily hard woods for it. But pretty much when this coach is done it will look almost identical to the way that it did when it was built brand new except that it will actually be built better."

"We kind of think of ourselves around here as we're kind of preservationists. Just because a hundred years from now this kind of stuff might not exist anymore."
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