Strasburg R. R. Tour
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Tour of the Strasburg Railroad

WITF, Inc.

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls welcome aboard the Strasburg Railroad.

The route over which you are traveling today is one of the oldest rights of ways in the entire world.

Off to your right was originally a Conestoga wagon trail opened about 1710.

The big white farm in the valley to the right is the typical Lancaster County Amish farm. Meaning clean, but very plain.

For the past four miles we've been traveling through the heart of what is commonly known as the Dutch Country. The fertile farmland of the plain people, the Mennonites, the Dunkers and the Amish.

"Lemon Place Junction" is where the main line of the Strasburg meets the main line of Amtrak. The track will curve sharply to the right as we leave behind us the tracks that were once the Pennsylvania Railroad's main line from New York to Chicago.

By the time we reach the station we will have traveled 9 miles over the rails of history.

Thank you for taking the tour of the Stratsburg Railroad. Be sure to visit us again.

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