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A Glimpse of Mary Jemison

...of Mary's story. Interesting additional links at the bottom of the page, include a sketch of Mary Jemison when she was ninety, information on her reburial and grave site, a picture of her statue, information about her children, and a picture of her cabin at the Gardeau...

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About Mary Jemison

This website offers a brief biography of Mary Jemison and also lists relevant books and websites for reference. A list of other captivity narratives is included. You can also access the full text of Dr. James Seaver's captivity narrative of Mary.

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Captured By Indians: Mary Jemison Becomes an Indian

This History Matters site gives Mary Jemison's transcribed account of her captivity (an excerpt of Seaver's text). For the title page of Seaver's account, see the University of Pennsylvania link at the bottom of the page.

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Letchworth Park History

A good biography of Mary Jemison and her life among the Seneca tribe. Recommended for young adults.

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Mary Jemison, Letchworth Park History

This web site offers a biographical sketch of one of Pennsylvania's most famous Indian captives and links to information on her family's history.

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