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Discover Our Heritage
Discover Our Heritage: Washington Crossing History Park banner
Visit fascinating sights, such as Washington Crossing Historic Park.

Pennsylvania has quite a story to tell. From the battlefields of wars that defined our nation to the engineering marvels that helped build it, you can immerse yourself in the amazing heritage of Pennsylvania. To get you into the story quickly, we've organized heritage and cultural activities by Pennsylvania's eight diverse regions.

Within each region, you'll find a travel itinerary that will take you on a day-by-day journey throughout each unique region. Learn about Pennsylvania's heritage parks, which preserve and promote distinct aspects of Pennsylvania's contributions to America's growth and development. Follow the Trail of History to special historic locations found only in PA. Learn about your heritage, and create a few memorable events of your own.

In each exploration of our eight regions, you'll have the chance to search for historic attractions and events using a search tool. Special deals on travel packages are waiting on the package search.

Plan your path to discovery. Your Pennsylvania vacation has just begun.

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