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The Franklin Railroad, 1859.

During the latter part of last, and the beginning of the present week, some eighteen cars passed over the Cumberland Valley Railroad, and arrived at the Depot in this place, loaded with the iron for relaying the track of the Franklin Railroad. This iron is o the very best quality being first class T rail. The workmen have commenced operations on the first section of the road, and along the entire line the timber is being delivered as fast as it can be produced. Mr. Sam'l Seibert, our esteemed fellow townsman, has been very successful in his contracts for lumber to construct the road, and has pushed forward the business entrusted to him with commendable energy. We are gratified to learn that the road is to be constructed under the Superintendency of Col. O. N. Lull. No better man could have been selected for the purpose. He is thoroughly conversant with railroad matters, and understands how to make as well as manage a road, equal to any other man in the country. We have no doubt whatever that this road will be completed and put in running order in a very few months. Its president A. J. Jones, Esq, of Harrisburg, deserves much credit for the successful manner in which he has surmounted all difficulties, and carried forward this enterprize to its present and gratifying prosperous condition. We are well satisfied in our mind that he will find it a safe and good investment, and one from which he will realize a handsome remuneration.

Credit: Valley Spirit, March 16, 1859.
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