Original Document
Original Document
Wagner a Wonder (The Sporting News, October 24, 1912)

Not long ago, a firm of tobacco manufacturers wrote to a local newspaper man and asked him to secure a picture of Hans Wagner to be given away with cigarets [sic] together with the written permission of the big Dutchman to use it. The writer was promised a liberal fee for his work in landing the photo.
The scribe wrote to Wagner and asked him for the picture enclosing the tobacco company's letter. A few days later he received a communication from Hans, saying that he did not care to have his picture in a package of cigarets [sic], neither did he wish his friend to lose the chance to cop a little extra coin. "So," he concluded, "I enclose my check for the amount promised you by the tobacco company in case you got my picture and hope you will excuse me if I refuse."
The newspaper man sent the check back, with a higher opinion of Wagner than he had ever possessed before, though the two had always been close friends.

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