Original Document
Original Document
Queen Christiana, Land Deed to Captain Hans Ammundson Besk, 1653.

We Christiana, by the Grace of God, Queen of Sweden, Gothen and Wenden, Grand Princess of Finland, Duchess of Eastland, &c.:

Be it known that of our favor, and because of the true and trusty service which is done unto us and the Crown, by our true and trusty servant, Captain Hans Ammundson Besk, for which service he hath done, and further is obliged to do so long as he yet shall live; so have we granted and given unto him freely as the virtue of this open letter is and doth show and specify, that is, we have given and freely granted to him, his wife and heirs, that is heirs after heirs, One Certain piece and tract of land, being and lying in New Sweden, Marcus Hook by name, which does reach up to and Upwards of Upland Creek, and that with all the privileges, appurtenances and conveniences thereunto belonging, both wet and dry, whatsoever name or names excepted of them, that is which belonged to this aforesaid tract of land, of age, and also by law and judgment may be claimed unto it and he and his heirs to have and to hold it unmolested forever for their lawful possession and inheritance. So that all which will unlawfully lay claim thereunto, they may regulate themselves hereafter. Now for the true confirmation hereof have we this with our own hand underwritten, and also manifested with our seal, in Stockholm, the 20th of August, in the year of our Lord, 1653.

Neils Tungell, Secretary.

Credit: Henry Graham Ashmead, History of Delaware County, Pennsylvania. Philadelphia: L. H. Everts & Co., 1884.
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