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Five Letters Written to Eleanor Roosevelt by Pennsylvanians, 1933-1936

Five Letters Written to Eleanor Roosevelt by Pennsylvanians, 1933-1936.

December 29,1933
Duquesne, Pennsylvania

President Mrs. Roosevelt
I am a ten year old little girl turning towards your kind heart in the name of 130 children from Duquesne that go to the St. Stephens School McKeesport. I read in the paper of your kindness that what a kind Santa Claus you were towards your poor people. I'm too, turning towards you for some favor if you would please listen to me. We would like to buy a bus on which we could go to school from Duquesne to McKeesport. We have to walk and we cross the Monagahala River. Some of the smaller children don't have good clothes, and we almost freeze when we cross that river in this kind of cold weather. We can't collect any money for the bus because the people are all poor. Our school has been built two years ago had has a big mortgage that can't help us either. Dear Mrs. Roosevelt I always think of your love and I know that you will help us. I know that your heart is kind to wards the poor. You did a lot for our country too. We will always remember you like we remember George Washington. Excuse me that I can't write you such a good letter that should be written to you because I'm too young and no body didn't help me to write this letter. I know that you will help the children some. I thank you even before you help us. I hope that everybody will remember you till this country stands and I will pray until you live so that you would be happier this new year than you were before. If you would listen to me for what I am asking than please notify Sister Mary F….
Sincerely Yours,
I.L. Phila., Penna.

[Clairton, Pennsylvania
Acknowledged Mar. I, 1934]
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,
I'm sorry this had to be written on funny paper. But honest its very funny to live I wished sometimes that I were dead. It was Sunday when I wrote this letter to you. I had just come up stairs to sleep I have been crying, so please excuse my writing. On Sunday, I sit around and cry myself to sleep, I'm not aloud out never. I'm always in the house, no body comes to our house, because its so old fashioned and not a place for fun. I'm not allowed to buy books like True Stories or any other kind. I'm sick I hate life. I go with my girl friends to school sometimes But they don't appreciate me because I'm poor and haven't got clothes like they do I wished and wish for clothes I hope that some day I will enter a contest and win some money ... I hate every thing now because life seems blind I love my mother dearly my dad works 3 days a wk he gets $40 a mth. But he has lot of old bills to pay from before when he did not work I wish I had work I would help my dad although he is mean to me As old as I am I still get beaten Well you would say (Why) because sometimes he gets drunk and starts to Beat us for silly things I'm sick And tired Dad buys me some things once in a great while. But how long I only have 3 dresses for school. One of my girl friends gives me shoes But O God Bless her. Please help me, Id like to get some nice clothes and some furniture for our house I want to brace up I want to go with my friends and show them kindness. I want to cooperate well with others ... I want to be loved . . . Please Ans to M. S. . . . because I have a cousin that has the same name and she might get the Answer
Please Answer Soon.
Im 15 year old In 8th grade
Don't show this letter to nobody Please
Won't you help me dear Please send me some money so I ca n do something I want you to write to me as a friend Please write/Answer I would like to have an answer. Thank You.
I'll be
Your Friend forever
Excuse my errors

Brownsville, Penn.
May 25,1934
Honorable Mrs. Roosevelt,
My uncle has been telling me of the help you have been giving to the miners and their family's and I am an miners daughter. Age 18.1 never finished school Because I was ill. My heart was bad. It has been well for the past two years. But I cant afford to go to school as my father is unable to work But draws a government pension which is enough to support us but as we have a large family it is not enough to dress us. I have earned my tuition for Business College working for a lady in our town. I visited a girls club in California and one of the Subjects was the Description of the White House and it was said the attic of the White House was over flowing with discarded clothing if this is true and you would send me some I am rather . . . clever with a needle and I would be forever grateful

A. E.

March 27,1935
Philadelphia, Pa
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt:
I am asking you for your charity, asking you to send me and my two sisters suits for Easter. It is not only that we have nothing to eat but also nothing to get dressed into.
Easter is coming nearer and nearer but I do not think it will be an Easter for me. It will be another dull and unpleasant Easter like last year. It is supposed to be a time of rejoicing but I know I shall not rejoice for I have nothing to rejoice about. Mrs. Roosevelt I do hope you shall send the suits. If you do I would like you to send them in these sizes. J. 15 years old size 20 a shadow check S. 14 years old size 20 in a shadow check A. 10 years old size 14 in a color of blue You notice the big sizes, that is to last us for a few years I hope you will send them and make our Easter a time of rejoicing at least once I hope you shall send them about a week from Easter. During this time I shall pray for you and pray that you do send them. If you do send them just let it be a secret between me and you, please do not tell anyone.
During this time God Bless You A thousand times
Yours truly
p.s. Mrs Roosevelt please send mother one of your old dresses that you do not wear now if it is a size 40 please!

Sept. 7, 1936
Dear Mrs. Roosevelt,
I am a young girl of thirteen and I have great ambitions. My parents are very devout, but poor people. During the past eight years, we have always lived very close to the school and we still do, but I graduated from grammar and I have a great distance to walk every day. Therefore I have to be well equipped. My parents have six other children. It is extremely hard to provide our family with food, shelter, and clothing on an income of $19.60. It is my heart's desire to become a school teacher. I often think of giving my parents all the luxuries I am denied. For instance a lovely home with everything a couple of old folks could want. I only hope they will live that long. My object for writing this letter is ask your aid in helping me to get a lovely coat to wear to school. Won't you help me Mrs. Roosevelt? I need one so badly. If I don't get one soon I will have to miss school and I dread the ordeal. Just any kind you feel I should have. Will you kindly send it. Oh Mrs. Roosevelt you don't know how much we will appreciate your gift. I live in the rural part of North Philadelphia and I have to walk to 15th and Wallace Streets. I beseech you to help me please. I do believe you will help me.
Prayerfully yours,
G. H.
I forgot my size
Sweet sixteen

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