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Edwin Forrest announces a prize for American playwrights, 1828

We have received the following note from E. Forrest, Esq. and take great pleasure in communicating his generous proposition to the public, in his own language. It is much to be desired that native genius may be aroused by this offer, from native genius, and that writers, worthy to win, may enter into the laudable competition.

"DEAR SIR - Feeling extremely desirous that dramatic letters should be more cultivated in my native country, and believing that the dearth of writers in that department is rather the result of a want of proper incentive, than of any deficiency of the requisite talents, I should feel greatly obliged to you if you would communicate to the public, in the next number of the Critic, the following offer.

To the author of the best tragedy, in five acts, of which the hero, or principal character, shall be an aboriginal of this country, the sum of five hundred dollars, half of the proceeds of the third representation, and my own services gratis on that occasion. The award to be made by a committee of literary and theatrical gentlemen. The manuscript to be forwarded to me, 144 North Tenth Street, Philadelphia, before the first of October, 1829.

Credit: The Critic, 1828
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