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Roebling and Suspension Bridges: A Thread of Steel
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HowStuffWorks- "How Bridges Work"

This article written by engineer Michael Morrissey very clearly breaks down the basic components to "How Bridges Work." He defines basic types of bridges, forces working on bridges, and gives helpful diagrams to illustrate these concepts.

Roebling Online History Archive Main Index

This website is a project of the Invention Factory and funded by a New Jersey Council for the Humanities Grant. It is an amazing resource for those interested in learning more about Roebling, the wire company he founded, and the projects they were involved in. It includes both primary and secondary resources. Among their primary source collection are interviews from the people who worked in the wire-rope factory in Trenton and documents written by the Roebling family. "The Story of Roebling" contributed helpful background knowledge to this lesson.

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