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Mother's Day: The Creation of a Holiday
Further Reading

Dillon, Susan. Scholastic Big Book of Holidays Around the Year. Jefferson City, MO: Teaching Resources, 2003.

This reference book produced by Scholastic includes fast-facts, background information, activities, and related books about more than seventy holidays divided by the seasonal year. (Mother's Day included.)

Editors of Chase’s Calendar of Events, ed.. The Teacher's Calendar School Year 2007-2008. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2007.

Highly-recommended by school teachers and librarians as a resource, this book provides ideas for lessons, bulletin boards, and school calendars. Informative sidebars offer specific dates and curriculum ideas as well as listing pertinent books.

Jenkins, Emyl. The Book of American Traditions - Stories, Customs, and Rites of Passage to Celebrate Our Cultural Heritage . New York, NY: Crown Publishing, 1996.

General information on many American holidays, this book has a nice, concise summary of the history of Mother's Day in America.

Whiteley, Sandy. On This Date: A Day-by-Day Listing of Holidays, Birthday and Historic Events, and Special Days, Weeks, and Months. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill, 2002.

As the title indicates, this almanac covers more than just federally recognized holidays. It includes celebrity birthdays and lesser-known corporate-sponsored days, weeks, and months.

Web Sites : Women's History, Anna Jarvis and Mother's Day

Webpage in describing Anna's involvement and the events which led up to the proclamation of "Mother's Day" as an official federal holiday. Numerous links are listed for further reading about Mother's Day as well.

American Heritage Magazine, How Mother Got Her Day

Excellent background article. Details on the possible complexity of Anna's relationship with her mother and also more details on Anna's frustration with Mother's Day being used in ways she did not approve.

CRS Report for Congress, Commemorative Observances: A Chronological List

Library of Congress site that explains how observance days are currently established and also lists the Federal observances and their proclamation numbers.

Lancaster County HIstorical Society, The Mother's Day, Jarvis and Reist Collection

The Lancaster County Historical Society has a Mother's Day Jarvis and Reist collection. This webpage includes a brief history of Mother's Day and shows original articles and letters written from and to Anna Jarvis from the collection.

Mother's Day Shrine Foundation, International Mother's Day Shrine

This website give a good history of Mother's Day, particularly from perspective of its history with Andrews Church. This begins in 1907 with the first Mother's Day service held at Andrews Church for Mrs. Anna Jarvis and continues to today. An International Mother's Day shrine is located on the grounds., The Complete History of Mother's Day

Reaching back further into history, this site gives a good world history account of different celebrations of motherhood.

Official 2008 Holidays!

Great site for finding the unusual and lesser-known holidays. Pick an individual month and find all the listings for monthly, weekly and daily observances.

The Origin of Mother's Day in the United States

Good overview of the history of mother's Day, including biographical information on Julia Ward Howe, Juliet Calhoun Blakeley and Anna Jarvis. Contains photographs of these women.

Time Magazine, Mother's Day, Inc,9171,759678-1,00.html

In this TIME magazine article, written May 16, 1938, the author focuses on Anna Jarvis's fight to end the commercialization surrounding Mother's Day.

Zany Holidays and Celebrations

Nice site to find the unusual holidays. Pick an individual month and find all the listings for monthly, weekly, and daily observances and find all the listings for monthly, weekly and daily observances.

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